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Is your email signature damaging your brand?

Posted by Amber Clark on 07/06 at 10:00 AM Microsoft 365,
Is your email signature damaging your brand?

If you run a business, having an email signature is a no-brainer. An email signature is like a business card, it shows professionalism and brand consistency to whoever you are in contact with. Using email signature management software, your customers and prospects have your contact information to hand and it’s a great way to market your products and provide links to websites and social media.

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Can having an email signature damage my brand?

It can when it is poorly executed and poorly managed.

As your business grows, it is all too easy to let these things slip and you can suddenly find yourself with inconsistent branding. Multiple typefaces, variations of a logo, out of date job titles and contact details are typical areas that get overlooked, which make your business look sloppy.

Most email providers allow users to create their own signatures, but they lack the options to use colour and images (and so generally look dull and overly serious) and you can’t apply the same email across a business’s estate of addresses, opening the floodgates to inconsistencies.

What makes a good email signature?


The most important factor to a good corporate brand is consistency, and this includes your business email signatures. They should have a set layout and the same typefaces and colour schemes throughout. Job titles should be kept up to date, and any hyperlinks should be regularly checked to ensure the links they are using haven’t expired.


The choice of typeface is also hugely important. Times New Roman no longer has a place outside of academic essays, it’s far too serious and formal. But on the other end of the scale, nobody is going to take your business seriously if you plaster Comic Sans across your email signature. Choose a sensible, easy to read typeface (a sans-serif is normally a safe bet if you want to look professional yet friendly).

Just the right amount of information

Email signatures should be short and to the point. Nobody needs to know your life story, and they certainly don’t want to read your inspirational quotes.

Simple contact details will suffice: your name, job title and contact telephone number (great for inviting the conversation to continue over the phone). Remember: You are already communicating via email, so do not put your email address in the signature!

Don’t go overboard with images or colour

Colour certainly has a place within an email signature, especially if your branding is particularly vibrant (trust us, we chose orange!)

Colour can add a bit of excitement to an otherwise boring email, and gives an air of creativity and fun, but don’t give in to the temptation to use every colour you can get your hands on. You don’t want your signature to look like it’s been attacked by a crayon-wielding child. At that point it becomes an eyesore and screams disorganisation and unprofessionalism.

Optimised for all

It’s easy to forget that people are reading emails from a host of different platforms and through different applications and programmes. So just because you’ve meticulously crafted a Microsoft Outlook signature don’t forget to make sure it doesn’t look a mess when viewed on a mobile device through the Google Mail app for example

How do I make sure my email signature doesn’t damage my brand?

At swcomms, we believe that brand consistency within your email signature is vital to maintaining a professional and organised reputation.

We can provide a simple to use portal, that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and allows users to tailor a professional signature that can be applied across your business. You can personalise with photos and easily amend signatures for seasonal greetings or add call to action buttons or links to external sites, such as your social media channels.

Still using an @gmail, @outlook, @btinternet, @yahoo, etc. email?

If you purchase Microsoft 365 licensing and have an existing generic email address that could do with a bit of ‘professionalism’, we can register a domain (@businessname.co.uk for example) and provide you with a fresh signature at the same time. We can also implement shared inboxes and alias addresses for wider teams within your organisation.

If you think your email signatures could do with an upgrade, or you would like to discuss setting up a business domain, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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