Is your guest WiFi ready for the 2017 holiday season?
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February half-term has been and gone which means the real holiday season is almost upon us.

If they have not done so already, many campsite, caravan sites, holiday parks and hotels will be using what’s left of the off-season to reflect on the success of the last year.

Was your guest WiFi one of those successes or were you on the end of some rather negative TripAdvisor reviews?

Extensive WiFi coverage and a sufficient internet connection is a must-have utility for a business like yours. Your guests will expect to be able to send and receive email, use instant messaging and browse the web, as well as enjoying online gaming, live streaming and social media activity.

Some people will completely discount holiday destinations that do not have decent WiFi as it will mean they will not be able to work while they are away or they know their children will drive them to distraction without the internet access they are used to.

Reliable and secure guest WiFi 
There is no doubt that lack of decent WiFi is one of the most complained about topics in customer satisfaction surveys. By having a reliable and secure guest WiFi solution you can raise the profile of your business and distinguish you from your competition.

Our WiFi solutions have been embraced by caravan parks, cafés, restaurants, shopping centres, conference centres, hotels and leisure parks alike and they have seen a rapid return on their investment. 

These solutions are fit for purpose and are able to cope with multiple devices using internet based services at the same time while also achieving the site-wide coverage guests need. It’s no longer enough to only offer WiFi in the bar area or other communal spaces.

Whether you charge for it or not, your guests will expect it to work and too many businesses like yours are suffering from poor Trip Advisor reviews because the WiFi does not meet expectations. We can help you avoid those bad reviews with a WiFi and internet connectivity solution that you can comfortably advertise and feel justified charging for.

Contact us today if you need our advice ahead of the 2017 holiday high season.

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Caroline Moore on 07/03/2017

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