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Is your non-branded email address a threat to your business?
Posted by Laurie Coleman on 27/12 at 10:00 AM IT services, Office 365,
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Does your business still use an email address that ends in,,, or, etc.?


If so, have you ever thought of the effect it may be having on your business? Have you considered whether these email addresses smack of unprofessionalism or untrustworthiness?


We think it does. We think businesses may be at risk of losing customers who might not trust your email address and worry that it may be fraudulent.


Using an unbranded email address might seem easy at first, but could have long-lasting negative effects.


Having your own branded email address could make the difference between customers contacting your business or avoiding you.


The right domain address gives your customers confidence in your brand and builds their trust in you and your business.


Not having the right domains negatively impacts the professional image that your company is trying to convey and might make prospective customers worry about buying from or dealing with you. They might even go elsewhere.


A branded email address can also make you more memorable. If prospective customers remember your business name they will probably recall your domain too, making you easier to contact.


So why do businesses keep using unbranded email domains? The answer is cost and set-up concerns.


The cost is actually minimal and can usually be paid for on a monthly basis. The cost of lost business could be much more.


And set-up does not have to be stressful. A company like swcomms can do that for you. Once it is done, it is done. Although, we offer ongoing support too so our customers do not feel left out on a limb.


As email is the most important form of business communication, so it should be given top priority. Start 2018 with a branded email domain and enjoy renewed confidence in your professional identity.


If you want more advice on branded emails, please contact us to discuss our Business Essentials package which includes a branded email domain tailored to your company, an Exchange Online mailbox and a Microsoft Office 365 Business licence, which includes web versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, 1TB of file storage and document sharing through OneDrive and SharePoint. Crucially, it also includes online support.


If you want to do more reading around the subject, can I suggest Ash Khagram’s blog In domains we trust.

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Laurie Coleman on 27/12/2017

Laurie has worked in the communications and IT industry since 2012 and had a fantastic knack for looking after our customers to ensure they remained happy and all their needs were being met. He has swapped his talents for the presales department to give the same attention to our potential clients.

He has an in-depth technical knowledge of our existing product portfolio as well as all products and solutions that we have sold in the past to ensure that all customers, old and new, receive the same level of expertise and service. Laurie is also a key part of our Microsoft Office 365 team and was the first to sell the product for swcomms.

Away from the office, Laurie is a keen Exeter Chiefs fan, both home and away, and likes to keep an eye on the NFL.