Is your Wi-Fi holding you back from working effectively at home?
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Is your Wi-Fi holding you back from working effectively at home?

The UK in lockdown is having a knock-on effect on people's home broadband and Wi-Fi bandwidth. With millions of people working from home, students receiving online lessons and children streaming movies, music and playing online games, your Wi-Fi is going to be taking the hit and may not be able to cope with all the demands, resulting in a slow, poor quality connection.  


Working from home means that staff are heavily reliant on video conferencing, file sharing and using VPN connections to access office servers, which can use a large amount of bandwidth. On a contended connection (a connection which is also being used by other devices at the same time), this could mean video quality will suffer and lag, and files may fail to upload. This is not ideal in already tough circumstances. 


Another element that can affect your Wi-Fi connection at home is where your broadband router is and where you are located. If you’re trying to access the internet three floors and five closed doors away, then you will have problems with your connection. 


We are offering a solution that will enable home workers to have a personal link to their internet connection outside of their domestic Wi-Fi. Known as a WAP or a Wi-Fi access point, this provides the end user with high quality uncontended connectivity, no matter where they are working in the house.  


This gives a home worker the ability to have a dedicated SSID (service set identifier) access point for work, meaning they will be able to work on an alternative Wi-Fi connection to the rest of the family.  


The WAP solution is connected to the router using an ethernet cable, which can run up to 100 metres in length, so no matter where you have your desk, the WAP can reach you and will prevent any signal loss caused by walls, floors or doors, or other appliances which can create interference (e.g. microwaves, doorbells and radios which all run on the same radio frequencies as Wi-Fi).


If you are working from home and are struggling with a poor Wi-Fi connection, then this could be the solution for you. Do get in touch with us if you think a WAP will increase efficiency and productivity in your daily working life during this period of isolation.  

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Rebekah Dixon on 06/04/2020

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