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It took a pandemic to improve how we do business

Posted by Colin Woods on 26/02 at 10:00 AM Cloud hosted telephone systems, Data centre, IT services, Microsoft 365,
It took a pandemic to improve how we do business

Just over a year ago, the words ‘COVID-19’, ‘lockdown’ and ‘social distancing’ had no place in our day-to-day diction. We did not live in bubbles or watch the Prime Minister wheel out health experts for daily updates. If we wanted to have dinner with friends, we simply invited them over, but all that changed and with it came the horrors of millions of infections and thousands of deaths, and countless more issues around mental health and individual and social wellbeing.


Please be assured when you read this that I am not ignoring the grief of all those adversely affected by the last year nor am I unsympathetic towards those who have suffered. I would like, however, to take a moment to acknowledge some of the positive ways in which our lives have changed.


For almost as long as I can remember, businesses have written environmental policies, social responsibility statements and spoken of work-life balance for their staff. The truth is that for many businesses, especially those in the small medium business sector, this has been a noble aim that inevitably played second fiddle to the daily task of making money and staying profitable.


Not all of the changes thrust upon us have been bad. For instance, the global acceptance that meetings can now be virtual between colleagues, customers and suppliers has driven down the need for us all to scurry between locations in cars, trains or planes.


In a year, that saw the first ever citing by a coroner of air pollution being a contributory factor to the death of a young girl in London, this new environmentally friendly way of conducting business can only be a good thing. The technology has been available for a while, but it has taken a pandemic to drive the uptake by businesses and to break old habits.


Likewise, the morning and early evening commutes for millions of people, which have been the same since the industrial revolution, have largely disappeared for many. Instead, the commute to the spare room or, for the lucky ones, to the garden office has become the ‘new normal’. Not only reducing the impact on the planet but also giving people back hours of free time each day.


This reduces stress and anxiety and allows working parents to get some quality time with young children before bedtime or before school commences. That illusive work-life balance is looking far healthier today than it ever has.


Abolishing the daily commute also means that businesses get access to the right employees rather than being limited to the ones who live within a sensible distance. Moreover, the employees get the jobs that allow them to fulfil their ambitions and deliver value for their employers regardless of location.


Lots of businesses have employed the tools to deliver this ‘new normal’ for some time but it is only now that there is a global acceptance of this way of working that we have the chance to radically improve our business productivity, employee fulfilment and look after our world.


If your business is still to adopt the communication technology to make this a reality, please do not hesitate to contact me and we can discuss your options.

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Colin Woods on 26/02/2021

Our head of business development and training Colin also likes to espouse the virtues of our data centre services, including co-location, cloud services, filtering, hosted exchange, traditional voice services through to SIP trunking, all aspects of internet connectivity and inter-site connectivity.

A Karate instructor for 28 years and a former UK squad member, Colin is little more relaxed in his spare time now choosing to walk his two dogs, Simba and Aslan.

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