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Business telephone systems are ever-evolving. A look back at the last 30 years will bear testament to that fact. But just as technology has evolved in the workplace, we have also seen the rise of the mobile device and the mobile worker.

This trend towards mobility is set to continue and manufacturers are now honing their technology to make it as easy as possible for the end user as the user experience is key.

Many of us turn to apps on our mobile devices when we need to find the answer to a question or to carry out our day-to-day tasks. For example, questions like ‘When is high tide?’ or ‘Are there traffic jams ahead?’ can be quickly answered along with ordering your weekly shopping from your supermarket or booking a table at your favourite restaurant.

This habit of turning to our mobile devices has been mirrored in the business world. We want to be able to access the same business tools on our mobiles as we can on our PCs and desk phones. And we want it to be simple.

ShoreTel’s new ShoreTel Connect™ product is in step with this trend. The video that is accompanying the rollout programme depicts a businessman holding a conference call from his bed while sharing a presentation with the rest of the group. He then switches between his mobile device and PC softphone with ease as he gets his car mended at the garage before taking his daughter to school. By using voice, video, instant messaging, email and calendars, he manages to secure the deal within two hours of the initial call despite being constantly away from his desk.

As ShoreTel’s press release states: The new ShoreTel Connect client is intuitive and forgiving... placing enterprise communications on-par with personal communications.”

It is designed to save time by removing the hurdles that we sometimes have to overcome to achieve collaborative working. There is no need for plug-ins, multiple application windows, passwords or complex set-ups. It’s an app that enables users to choose their means of communication with one click.

Watch the ShoreTel Connect™ video here

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Caroline Moore on 25/08/2015

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