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Posted by Andrew Beswick on 09/03 at 12:01 PM Telephone systems,
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Is the cost of doing business eating into your profits?

If you're like most small or medium enterprise owners, figuring out how to reduce the cost of doing business and increase margins is always at the top of your mind.

The question is: Have you considered what an efficient telephone system can do for you as part of the process?

Imagine if…

  • You could grow and scale your operations based on your business needs
  • You could generate immediate savings by optimising your communication solutions
  • You could quickly respond to changing market demands with an agile and flexible network

 …I am sure you would take advantage of these benefits if you could. Who wouldn’t?
I have seen businesses achieve all three while improving customer service in the process with the deployment of a modern telephone system.

It's about making all aspects of your business work together to ensure your customer receives the best possible experience. A solution that interconnects your people and your communications network can free you to focus on growing your business. A modern telephone system will:

  • Ensure customer satisfaction with a professional welcome and intelligent call routing
  • Improve employee collaboration to quickly address customer issues
  • Increase productivity through improved mobility
  • Manage expenditures to suit your budget and your organisational structure

By gaining these benefits and cutting costs, your profits should increase. A win-win-win scenario!

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Andrew Beswick on 09/03/2015

Field sales executive Andrew specialises in advising on solutions suitable for SMEs and public sector organisations.

A true salesman with a smile, Andrew joined us from Ricoh UK and has 18 years’ experience in sales.

In his spare time, Andrew is enjoying life in Devon having relocated from Leicestershire in 2013.

Contact: andrew.beswick@swcomms.co.uk

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