Keep your Windows 7 running before diving into Windows 10
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Keep your Windows 7 running before diving into Windows 10

With the upcoming Windows 7 end of life looming, Microsoft has announced that from December 1, 2019, businesses can purchase extended support updates (ESU) from their Microsoft Partner through the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) programme.


This will give your business the ability to continue to receive updates for Windows 7 for a short amount of time while you prepare to move to Windows 10.


Why have they done this?
So many businesses are still using Windows 7. It is similar to when Windows XP went end of life and some businesses were having issues moving to the latest operating system. While the Windows 7 end of life announcement has been making the rounds for more than18 months, it has become apparent that businesses are either in the middle of a migration or haven’t yet started the process.


What does an ESU offer you?
The ESU is expected to be a per month per user or device cost which is billed within your CSP programme payment, but the indication is that the cost will increase every 12 months making it more cost effective for businesses to move to Windows 10 sooner than later.


What can you do?
The easy answer is move to Windows 10 as soon as possible! Microsoft has already said that Windows 10 will be the last operating system you will need to update for your desktop, laptop or Surface device as they move to a model of continuous updates. While some businesses might see this as a hinderance, the bulk of businesses are content to move to an operational model to simplify managing the costs and allocation.


Is this a good time to think of refreshing your IT hardware?
Absolutely. Windows 10 is a very powerful and reliable operating software and to fully take advantage of the new features, upgrading your hardware at the same time would allow you to enhance the tools used by your workforce, enrich the quality of work and empower your staff to accomplish more with new software and devices.


Find out more in my short video about the key business benefits of Windows 10 and a hardware upgrade.


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