Keeping sensitive information secure using Office 365
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With new guidelines and rules being introduced to protect sensitive information when used for business purposes, many are wondering how much time and cost needs to be invested to achieve the most secure, robust and fine-free approach possible.


Most security-driven vendors will preach that their solution is of the highest quality with their different solutions for encryption on the disk or at server level, group policy enforcement, mobile device management, anti-virus protection and so on; but what if user error is ultimately the cause of data loss?


We are prone to smart attacks every day and all it takes is for a hacker to simply acquire or trick a user into giving them a username and password, especially when it comes to cloud computing, e.g. Office 365. If you are not proactively monitoring these accounts, then they will be at risk of attack and it won’t take long for an intruder to detect weak spots.


Luckily, Microsoft has many tools that will cover your users for identity and information sharing security, one of which is included with most Office 365 plans.


Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a handy tool for providing an extra layer of cover for any new devices connecting or accessing Office 365 through the web. This tool will simply send you a text, give you a call or there’s an app for your mobile to authenticate your identity before you connect to ensure you are who you say you are. It’s highly unlikely that the source of the attack will have access to your mobile (unless it’s stolen, in which case please see below) or a landline number.


For added security measures, you can look to include a mobile device tool such as Microsoft Intune, so in the case of a mobile phone being lost or stolen, you can selectively wipe any corporate data from the device and can remove the Office 365 account altogether if the employee was to leave the company.

Another level of security is the Azure Information Protection licence. This will encrypt files in transit or enforce rights management, which will also control what you can do with the specific files or emails you are sending.

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