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Latest botnet exploits vulnerabilities on routers and devices
Posted by Ash Khagram on 22/12 at 10:00 AM Security, Wi-Fi,
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Hackers use any means necessary to cause havoc to businesses and users across the internet. The latest hack is called Satori which is silently scouring the internet and hijacking routers to use them to initiate DDoS attacks against specific websites.

The Satori botnet, named after a Japanese mind-bending monster, stealthily infects your routers with a zero-day remote code which activates upon penetration of your system giving your anti-virus no time to react and patch the exposed areas. The botnet then uses your router to attack high profile websites across the globe. Even routers with strong passwords have been hit with this botnet.

It is estimated the vicious botnet has commandeered more than 100,000 routers and compromised over 300,000 IP addresses in less than 24 hours. To help protect users, we have some quick advice:

  • Change the default password on your routers and devices. Using a different type of password each time and rotating them every three months can keep you secure
  • Invest in a password manager to securely store your passwords, not just for your router, but all your other devices
  • Use a combination of symbols, uppercase, lowercase and the phonetic alphabet in your password. The £ symbols is mostly found on keyboards in the UK and EU
  • Keep monitoring the updates for your IoT devices, as well as PC and tablet devices
  • Stop UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) on your device unless it's necessary
  • Avoid purchasing IoT devices from unknown third-party sellers or unknown manufacturers
  • Ensure business devices follow the company password policy and are checked every month

These points can help you manage your devices and help greatly reduce the risk of hackers infecting them with botnets and viruses.

We suggest being vigilant, installing network monitoring tools and having qualified IT technicians install and manage your devices.  To find out more about our Wi-Fi and security solutions, visit our web page or contact us directly on 0800 054 6789 to find out more.

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Ash Khagram on 22/12/2017

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