Law firms need low latency for efficient digital dictation
Posted by Caroline Moore on 11/09 at 01:44 PM Legal, Law firms,
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When was the last time you saw someone use a cassette recorder or MP3 player for dictation? These are becoming outdated modes for dictation with law firms leading the way by using digital dictation, such as BigHand. But this has not been an easy transition for some firms.

Digital dictaphones provide all the basic functionality of traditional recorders but with the added functionality of being able to email recordings or transfer them over local or wide area data networks.

Solicitors can dial into digital dictation systems using their telephone handset, mobiles or smartphones and the resulting recording can be routed to their designated secretary or directed to the secretary with the most available capacity, even if that means utilising a secretary working in another office, to reduce the turnaround time for documents.

This is all well and good until recordings are transmitted across a network which has latency issues as documents become disjointed or recordings simply fail.

How many law firms will then reach for their handheld dictaphones once more?

swcomms has helped multi-site law firms overcome this issue by utilising its Ethernet cloud service to provide wide area networks (WANs) connections. Ethernet cloud services offer high speed links while their exceptionally low latency means they support time sensitive applications like digital dictation and VoIP telephony.

These services can be provided over a private network on a UK-wide basis, meaning that smaller branches and homeworkers can economically access the main Ethernet cloud via resilient connections.

An Ethernet cloud network like this one can be delivered to law firms within 45 days, which is significantly faster than most other WAN suppliers, and come with a customer portal to monitor their network and check on circuit uptime, bandwidth utilisation, traffic flow and configuration.

So while Ethernet cloud services can ensure law firms can rely on their digital dictation once again, they will also benefit from high-speed connectivity that can be used to link multiple sites and to access the Internet and centrally hosted applications.

A win-win scenario.

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Caroline Moore on 11/09/2014

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