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Law firms need to answer calls first time on D Day

Posted by Nick Pursglove on 05/12 at 10:00 AM Legal, Cloud hosted telephone systems,
Divorce Day phones

D Day or Divorce Day is one of the busiest times of the year for law firms as disgruntled spouses wait until the end of the Christmas and New Year period to initiate the separation process.

The next D Day falls on Tuesday, January 2, 2018, and firms across the UK will standing by to answer incoming calls from husbands and wives requesting appointments with family law solicitors. 

Imagine then, how you would feel if your call went unanswered?

Some people will have spent a painful festive period just waiting for it to be over so they can make that call.

Others may only have a small window of opportunity to call as they can only do it while their husband and wife, or children, are not with them.

Some may have spent a lot of time trying to pluck up the courage to make the call.

Any of these scenarios illustrate why it is so important to answer their call the first time and why simply providing a voicemail service is not enough. These potential clients may not be able to receive a returned call.

Aside from causing any further distress to your potential client, any missed calls could result in missed business as people move onto the next listed family law firm until they find one that will answer their call.

Larger firms usually have multiple receptionists and/or the ability for calls to be picked up by other branches while others are busy or unmanned.

Smaller firms may not be quite as well staffed or do not access the telephony technology that could support them in this way. And yet, smaller firms with a high street presence are exactly the ones people tend to instruct when they are seeking a divorce.

However, asking a law firm to invest in technology, as they still battle against lost business caused by the adjustments made to Legal Aid in 2013, is not easy; even if they stand to lose even more clients if they are missing calls.

Fears over investment should not hold law firms back, as resilient, flexible and feature-rich, cloud-hosted telephone systems can often be purchased for less than or for the same monthly cost of existing lines, calls and maintenance bills. There is no installation cost so there is no need draw on capital reserves.

In the last year, I have advised several law firms on their migration to a cloud-hosted telephone system and they now have a competitive edge over other solicitors as they stand by for D Day 2018. Can I help your firm prepare for 2019? If so, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Nick Pursglove on 05/12/2017

Former insurance broker, Nick Pursglove, joined the company in 2016. He relocated with his family from Sheffield to the South West.

He had been brought into swcomms to specialise in cloud-hosted telephony and Office 365.

As more and more of the modern business world is moving into the cloud, his role is to offer advice and support regarding hosted platforms and software to both new and existing customers.

When not in the office, Nick can be found attempting to complete the South West Coast Path or spending time with his family.

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