Look after your LAN and your Wi-Fi to stay productive
Posted by Ian Temple-Edwards on 01/10 at 10:00 AM IT services, Wi-Fi,
Look after your LAN and your Wi-Fi to stay productive

Hands up, if you are still working in the office...even just some of the time. No doubt, you will want to work as productively as possible while you are on site and yet everyone seems more concerned about home workers!

The pandemic saw IT teams scramble to equip their colleagues when the Government asked us to work from home. Staff were set up with new laptops, mobile devices, data SIMs, etc. to ensure we could be just as efficient away from the office, but now many of us are heading back in and we want that transition to be seamless.

We should be able to work just as effectively from our office desks as we do from home and vice versa.

What often limits office workers is the age of their local area network or LAN. This data network is largely invisible to the untrained eye, but as with any hardware, the switches and routers that make up a LAN go end of life and start to fail. Just as we upgrade our mobile devices and PC hardware on a regular basis, the same attention must be applied to our LANs and, indeed, our Wi-Fi.

LAN or Wi-Fi solutions installed five or more years are likely to be obsolete. This means the manufacturer no longer supports the solution, so fixes and spare parts will be hard to find and there will be no security updates. In short, they are past their best and need replacing.

For Wi-Fi, your existing solution may also be incompatible with new devices. It may still work, but may  not enable your new devices to work at the speeds they are capable of, which negates the point of having them in the first place!

If that isn’t enough, without the security updates from the manufacturer, you are leaving your business wide open to security breaches. Cyber-criminals just love ageing infrastructure as they will inevitably find a way in to cause havoc on your network resulting in data loss or ransomware demands.

We often overlook our LANs and Wi-Fi despite relying on them for access to the internet, email and corporate servers, thus making them a critical element of every business’s IT infrastructure.

If this warning is triggering a LAN or Wi-Fi upgrade reminder for you, please be aware that long-term planning may be necessary as the world continues to battle against a shortage of semiconductor chips. These are found in routers, switches and Wi-Fi access points, among many other IT and communications hardware and devices. If you were planning an upgrade next year, I would advise you to order now.

If you need further advice on your LAN or Wi-Fi upgrade, please do not hesitate to contact us. We carry out site surveys to design the best solution to support your business and to help you stay productive.

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Ian Temple-Edwards on 01/10/2021

Ian is a member of the presale team, specialising in networking and servers.

He has been in the IT industry for nearly 30 years and has a vast technical understanding and knowledge in Wi-Fi, data networks, server architecture, virtual environments and connectivity, along with many more equally exciting technologies.

Away from work, Ian is a keen caver, golfer and general geek who is fond of all IT related gadgets and gizmos.

Contact: Ian.Temple-Edwards@swcomms.co.uk

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