Make sure your staff remains productive within office hours with web filtering
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Make sure your staff remains productive in office hours with web filtering

The internet attracts millions of users, hosts millions of sites and supports millions of businesses. It can be the biggest asset to your company, but also one of the worst.


Almost everyone in the UK uses the internet daily, with a new generation of full-time workers having grown up in the online era. This means employers need to be more vigilant in ensuring productivity remains a priority within the workplace.


Web filtering gives businesses the ability to block sites from being accessed by certain users. But why should businesses restrict what websites their staff views?


There is a never-ending amount of information on the internet. There are more than 1.5 billion websites and web-based services being accessed by 3.4 billion users. Some of these are relevant to businesses, cloud-hosted services, such as CRMs, however many sites are not relevant to your workers during office hours. Is YouTube or Instagram a good use of your staff’s time? Or shopping websites? Live streaming services? Sports and news sites? Or worse, porn and gambling sites?


Discouraging distraction is why web filtering is a real asset in encouraging productivity at work. Google receives an average of 63,000 searches per second and an adult spends almost three hours on social media a day! How much of this is happening on your business’s time?


Web filtering ensures certain sites, such as social media, online shopping and news outlets, are inaccessible on your network during office hours. However, you can lift the restrictions at lunchtime, so your staff can browse in their free time, and lift the restriction for certain employees, e.g. marketing staff who use social media for work.


But web filtering offers others benefits too.


If your staff use your internet connection for browsing, anything that they view or post online can be traced back to your business IP address. You don’t want your business to be liable for inappropriate content your employees have viewed using your network.


There is a lot of nasty stuff on the internet, including viruses, malware, phishing, etc. You don’t want your staff inadvertently exposing your network to these potentially damaging threats. There are reportedly more than 100,000 internet viruses out there, so the risk is real.


Web filtering can improve your staff’s efficiency and productivity, as well as protecting your business data. Find out how swcomms can help you by contacting me.

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