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Make your guests feel at home with a decent WiFi solution

Posted by David Brace on 27/03 at 12:05 PM Hospitality, Internet connectivity,
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Guests expect decent WiFi whether they are staying in a hotel, B&B, lodge, chalet or caravan park.

WiFi is regarded as a standard utility, not just relied upon by business travellers, but by holidaymakers who want to check their emails, use social media, browse the Internet, and stream TV programmes, films, music and games.
And these guests don’t want to use WiFi that is unreliable and inefficient; they want the same kind of service they get at home. They won’t make allowances for the amount of devices using the same network; they expect you to have sorted that out.

Hoping your current broadband connection and installing some wireless routers will provide a good enough service, just isn’t, well...good enough.

You need a solution that gives your guests the coverage and connectivity they require: a service worth charging for, if not already included in your tariff.

A business class WiFi solution will not only give your guests the connectivity they expect but can also be used to impress your guests with branded welcome pages that can include information about your facilities, the locality, news  and offers. You could even sell advertising to local businesses to create extra revenue.

You can use a web form to authenticate use of your WiFi network whereby your guests fill in their name, email address, mobile phone, postcode, etc. These details can then be used to recognise and welcome back guests when they return to your site or, in the case of email and postal addresses, to send them marketing material to entice them back.

Modern WiFi solutions can also filter content, manage bandwidth use and can be separated for secure use by staff and guests.

Ignoring your guests’ need for decent WiFi comes with risks attached. These days, holiday reviews can be found all over the Internet and once they have been written, they can be read over and over again. One poor review  could see you lose potential guests.

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David Brace on 27/03/2015

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