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Microsoft Bookings offers businesses an easy-to-use appointment service
Posted by Chris Wheeler on 15/12 at 10:00 AM Office 365,
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I’ve been amazed with a new feature of Office 365 within the new business apps called Microsoft Bookings. It combines the power of social media, self-service and digital transformation all into a unique and powerful tool for making bookings and appointments.


Availability can be seen in real time showing the appointment slots available for the number of staff you have on the day. Once confirmed, customers are sent email reminders before their meeting. Upon registration, your customers’ contact details will be stored for future bookings so their details will already be there to use.

Businesses can pick the services they deliver and can dictate the price they wish to sell them for. Prices can start from a certain point, be fixed, be free, or price on application - these are just the few options businesses can choose from.

My favourite aspect is the integration with Facebook and the ability to make a booking from this social media platform. You can also integrate Microsoft Bookings into your website, but Facebook is where you can be recommended and tagged while marketing your services to prompt a reaction. The other great aspect is that because the customer has already signed into Facebook, Microsoft Bookings will capture their contact details to save time.

Once a booking has been made, it can be managed and changed or deleted by the customer or the administrator.

With the other Office 365 business apps becoming available in the New Year, Microsoft Bookings makes up a small piece of the solution that Microsoft is introducing to complete their business set-up from a listings perspective, with invoicing and email marketing for post sales activities on their way too.

To find out more or to request a demo, please contact me by email or call me on 01392 369369.

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Chris Wheeler on 15/12/2017

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