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Mitigating mobile overspend is possible!

Posted by Deepak Doll on 03/05 at 10:00 AM Mobiles,
Mitigating mobile overspend is possible!

Most business use mobiles nowadays, especially those that have adopted a hybrid or remote working model. However, while they may be saving money on office costs with less people on site, they could be accumulating mobile overspend that could cost up to thousands of pounds with increased data and roaming usage. Businesses do not have the time to proactively manage their overspend. We have created our Business Mobile + service, whereby our experts proactively manage your tariffs, bolt-ons and alerts on your behalf, so you can get on with more profitable tasks.

Table of contents:

The need for business mobile management

Picture the scene. A member of the accounts team is analysing the business’s incoming bills and is horrified to learn of an excess spend that equates to hundreds of pounds on one of the staff mobile phones.

This is not an unusual scene and we have seen businesses with multiple mobiles accumulating an overspend equating to thousands of pounds a month. This is becoming more prevalent as data and roaming usage rises, but businesses simply do not have the time proactively manage their business phone plans and their overspend.

Reasons for mobile overspend

There are multiple reasons why businesses are spending more than they should be outside of their business phone plans each month.

Mobile data usage

Data usage, in particular, can lead to mobile bill shock, especially with more staff working remotely and their Wi-Fi networks struggling to cope as people share them with partners and children at home.

Extra costs outside the mobile contract

It is not just data usage that causes an overspend. Anything outside your tariff incurs extra charges, such as:

  • Calls to directory enquiries
  • The speaking clock
  • Premium rate numbers/text services used for TV competitions and voting
  • Texting picture messages

There is nothing we can do to mitigate against these, aside from spend caps, but a little staff education would be helpful to eliminate these charges too.

Business Mobile +

Spend caps have been available from mobile networks for quite some time, but businesses would rather their staff were not cut off mid-billing cycle to avoid adversely affecting productivity. For this reason, we have created our Business Mobile + service that allows our experts to be proactive on your behalf.

This bespoke service enables us to work with our customers throughout their contract to ascertain what tariffs are best for them and to set lower and higher spend alerts for each user accordingly. This means we can mitigate overspend and find the balance between phone misuse and allowing staff to be productive, while bringing any potential issues to the attention of the business, so they can take action.


Mobile spending alerts

Lower spend alerts see a text message sent to the mobile users, but also to two other members of staff, such as their manager or someone in accounts, so they can take positive action, such as moving to a different tariff or just a little bit of education as previously mentioned.

Higher alerts result in a courtesy text message but can also initiate barring so staff members cannot spend any more!

Personalised account management

We provide account management to support businesses in configuring and modifying these alerts while offering advice on the most appropriate top-ups and bundles to be used in the UK, plus international and roaming options, to manage overspends and to reduce costs.

Our account managers get to know their clients and their business needs to allow mobile plans to evolve over time. This means businesses leave us to worry about their overspend while they get on with more profitable tasks.

Contact us

Many of my customers are now into their third generation of mobile contracts with us because of our attention to detail in driving down their overspend. We believe they we have the best business mobile contracts that will drive down your costs. If you think you could benefit from Business Mobile +, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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Deepak Doll on 03/05/2022

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