Moving your office to a rural area? Make sure you have connectivity!
Posted by Rebekah Dixon on 03/01 at 10:00 AM Internet connectivity,
Moving your office to a rural area? Make sure you have connectivity!

The countryside means large open green spaces and uninterrupted skies with no buildings or high-rises in sight. Why wouldn’t you want to relocate your office there? In 2018, rural area-based businesses made up 24% of all registered businesses in England, with 3.6 million employees working for them.


However, there is one thing you take for granted when your office is located in the city...decent internet, an absolute business necessity. 


Not everywhere in the country has an internet connection all ready and waiting for you, so if you’re planning on relocating your business, you must check what connectivity is available before you start your move. It is just as important as updating your stationery and website,with your new address and booking the removal van. 


The internet infrastructure in the UK is mainly owned by wholesaler Openreach and several other businesses. If there is no infrastructure, there won’t be any connectivity readily available and without connectivity, your business cannot get online and use cloud services. 


A business client that used a cloud-hosted telephone system in a town office found this out the hard way when they struggled to use the same service in their new rural office as the internet connection was not suitable for voice traffic. 


Another example we have dealt with recently saw a vets' surgery move from urban premises to a barn conversion. They expected there to be a decent internet connection when they relocated but there was no connection at all! They had to invest in an internet leased line as they wanted to use a cloud-hosted telephone system and CRM, and wanted to send large files, so this type of connection was the best choice for them.


Internet leased lines provide a high-quality connection. You can use this to replace ISDN telephone lines for VoIP telephone systems and to enjoy superfast, reliable access to the internet and web-based services. Furthermore, you are guaranteed a fix within seven hours if it was to go down. You can find out more about our leased lines here.


Before you end up relocating or moving your office in the tranquil depths of the countryside, be sure to check what internet connection you will be receiving, if any at all. 


There is good news though for businesses in the south west as Jurassic Fibre is rolling out a superfast network to under-connected areas, starting with Exeter Airport, Sowton Industrial Estate, the eastern side of Exeter and nearby villages, including Clyst St Mary, Clyst St George, Sowton village, Farringdon, Lympstone and Woodbury, and then south to Exmouth. You can find out more here.


If you would like to learn more about internet connectivity and how we can keep your business connected, please do get in touch. 

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