My internet connection won’t support a cloud-hosted phone system…or will it?
Posted by Jane Atkins on 05/11 at 10:00 AM Cloud hosted telephone systems, Internet connectivity,
My internet connection won’t support a cloud-hosted phone system…or will it?

This is a question I am often asked when people have been given poor information by other suppliers. There are always solutions if you find a supplier who is willing to find work-arounds to tricky scenarios. This means most businesses should be able to enjoy the flexibility and cost savings that a cloud-hosted phone system can bring.


Before I discuss the issue of challenging internet connectivity and why it matters when it comes to phone systems, it may be necessary to understand why businesses are even considering the cloud-hosted option.


The traditional ISDN telephone lines that were used to support business phone systems are being phased out. In a few years’ time, no-one will be able to sell them and by the end of 2025, they will be switched off.


The copper cables of ISDN are being replaced by fibre connections in the same way as old-school broadband is being replaced too. Fibre uses light rather than electrical pulses used by copper. Light is faster and can transmit more data per second.


Fibre also offers a better service over distance, is fully-resistant to fire, electromagnetic interference, lightning or radio signals, and is less fragile as it is smaller, lighter and more durable.

With this new connectivity technology being rolled out across the country, businesses are being encouraged to migrate to a phone system that will use these connections instead of ISDN.


But what happens if fibre has not reached your business yet? This brings me back to the original question that I have used as this blog’s title.


This is especially true of more remote businesses, such as our customer Redpost Equestrian in Littlehempston. There are no ‘Fibre broadband is here’ stickers on the green cabinet in their street! However, the business wanted to prepare for the ISDN switch-off and needed a modern phone system.


Our answer was to use the existing copper broadband connectivity available but to use separate lines for data use (accessing the internet, emails, etc.) and for calls. In fact, we used what are known as voice-assured circuits that give superior voice quality. As soon as fibre does reach Littlehempston, we will swap them over and we may even be able to move them a converged service whereby we support data and voice on a single connection.


There are some suppliers that will try to run a cloud-hosted phone system on an existing copper broadband connection that is also used for data. Be warned…voice quality will suffer, and calls may even drop out. This is no way to run a business!


Businesses that want to take advantage of modern phone systems shouldn’t be put off by what internet connectivity they already have. See if your supplier can come up with a solution for you! That’s what they are there for.


If you want to talk to one of our experts about this issue, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me.

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Jane Atkins on 05/11/2019

Business development executive Jane Atkins is part of our team that remains in regular contact with customers and potential customers to see if we can help with their communications needs.

Jane is particularly interested in helping businesses make the most of modern voice services, such as SIP and hosted phone systems, while also offering advice on connectivity and cloud business applications. She is also well-versed in the needs of GP surgeries.

When not at Communications House, Jane is a keen volunteer and supporter of her local rugby team Exmouth RFC, she enjoys salsa dancing and raising money for local charities.

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