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Now’s the time to futureproof your phone system ahead of the Openreach switch-off

Posted by Jeremy Hignell on 29/03 at 10:00 AM Cloud-hosted telephone systems, On-premise telephone systems, Unified communications,
Now’s the time to futureproof your phone system ahead of the Openreach switch-off

If you have a phone system that uses traditional copper-based ISDN or PSTN lines, it is likely that you will have been informed of the eventual switch-off for these connections. Openreach is disconnecting all copper-based telephone lines by 2025 and has already made a start switching off certain areas around the country.

Despite this rapidly moving switch-off programme, there are still a huge number of businesses around the UK that continue to use these traditional services and are hanging on to old telephony equipment…and no doubt struggling with the limited features they provide. 

Most businesses and consumers look to regularly upgrade their technology, whether that’s the latest mobile phone or laptops and computers, so why should a phone system be any different?

What are my options ahead of the of Openreach switch-off?

At present there are two options for those looking to upgrade their telephone systems: SIP trunking and cloud-hosted telephony. 

  1. SIP trunks are voice connections that connect your on-premise phone system (or Microsoft Teams) to the national telephone network via internet circuits. 
  2. Hosted telephony solutions deliver cloud-based voice technology over the internet with no need for on-site equipment, aside from handsets.

Both solutions can offer huge improvements, additional features, and often consolidate multiple elements of business communication into one, including but not limited to, calls, instant messaging, video conferencing and file sharing.

Both systems are future-proofed and will save your business from inevitably losing your telephone connection.

Free guide – Next generation telephony

But which option is best for you and your business? We’ve put together a free guide to help you compare the two connections.

Alternatively, if you would like to speak to us about your options and see how we can help revolutionise your communications, not to mention beating the switch-off, do not hesitate to get in touch at cloud@swcomms.co.uk.

Next Generation Telephony, Now's the time to futureproof your phone system guide


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