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One size no longer fits all
Posted by Simon Dunstan on 01/03 at 08:36 AM Large enterprises, Contact centre,
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Every business is different therefore every contact centre has to be different too. Not only will they vary in size but their need for integration with existing business software will determine their individuality.

The experience customers receive from a contact centre will ultimately shape their views and opinions of the company as a whole. Regardless of how you approach your customer interaction, your contact centre needs to be tailored around your company’s specific requirements.

Scenario one
swcomms provided Bradleys Estate Agents with a cloud-based, data centre-hosted unified communications (UC) solution, enabling them to use technology to provide unbeatable customer service across their 33 branches throughout the South West.

Bradleys was determined to survive the recession and, to ensure they stayed ahead of the competition; they wanted new communications technology to enable them to offer excellent customer service. They required a borderless system that would integrate all the elements of the business and remove any ‘branch mentality’. They also wanted all the benefits of a centrally hosted solution providing full communication between branches, customer services and head office while also supporting the flexible working practices of mobile staff. Bradleys was keen to integrate call reporting software to ensure they were answering every call efficiently and to allow screen popping of customer details. This enables staff to quickly identify the property a caller is referring to and to access centralised diaries for appointment scheduling, thereby improving customer service.

Scenario two
Farrow & Ball needed to upgrade their legacy phone system so swcomms installed an IT solution that would address the changing communication habits of its stockists and customers. With the administration, marketing, sales and customer service teams headquartered in Wimborne, Farrow & Ball needed a unified communications solution that could accommodate its entire, multi-faceted workforce, including its mobile staff.  It also needed to link to its other major sites in Toronto, Paris and Frankfurt using IP and SIP trunking technology.

Farrow & Ball invested in a 24-hour contact centre solution that could deal with emails, fax mails, web chat and social media messages, and would give them the same priority as incoming phone calls. Calls and messages from stores and decorators are now taken by customer service staff in the UK or Canada, depending on the time of day they are received. The calls can come from anywhere in the world so the call centre needed to route calls dependent on the country they originated from so they could be handled by an agent proficient in the appropriate language.

Tailor your requirements then measure the customer experience
More organisations are focusing their attention on cost reduction and efficiency gains, rather than service improvement, but it is essential to measure the business value that is delivered by the contact centre. Analytics tools can link a customer’s contact centre experience to their subsequent actions, so you can identify and replicate the scenarios that generate the best business results: did they spend more, remain loyal or call less?

It is vital that a contact centre engages customers effectively. A bespoke contact centre, tailored to your needs, will have a greater chance of delivering a consistent, personalised and effective cross-channel experience for the customer.

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Simon Dunstan on 01/03/2015

A real long-server, Simon has worked for us since 1998. He is a highly motivated senior account manager with an in-depth knowledge of solution sales.

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