Pay-as-you-go for seasonal internet access in the tourist industry
Posted by Colin Woods on 06/11 at 10:00 AM Hospitality, Internet connectivity,
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Owning a seasonal business has challenges, not least of which is the need to ramp everything up for the season and then clamp down for the off-season.


Staffing levels must flex, as do so many other things. Even utility bills reflect the seasonal usage: electricity, gas, water…everything flexes with usage. Everything, that is, except internet access.


The average caravan site, for instance, requires connections offering 100Mbps or more during the peak season. To supply this, owners are expected to fund this bandwidth all year round. Now, that doesn’t seem fair to us.


As a long-established West Country business located within England’s tourist and hospitality hotbed, swcomms understands the impact of these seasonal demands on services. We have introduced innovative schemes, like our own flexible leasing option with payment schedules that reflect seasonal highs and lows, but the internet has been the one part of the jigsaw we have been unable to affect, until now!


Flexible bandwidth for when you need it most

Working with our partner Virtual 1, we have now launched a pay-as-you-go internet leased line service. Put simply, you choose an off-season minimum and a peak season maximum, then simply let us know how much bandwidth you require for the coming month. The price reflects your chosen usage over your chosen period. This service is so flexible that bandwidth can flex for as little as 24 hours, which is ideal if you are opening for an off-season weekend event.


Base level is 10Mbps to keep you ticking over in the quiet months and the maximum is 1Gbps to cope with those season peaks.


Innovative supplier

Isn’t it refreshing to have a supplier who not only understands the market but actually innovates to help it?


Call me on 0800 054 6789 to discuss further.

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Colin Woods on 06/11/2018

Our head of business development and training Colin also likes to espouse the virtues of our data centre services, including co-location, cloud services, filtering, hosted exchange, traditional voice services through to SIP trunking, all aspects of internet connectivity and inter-site connectivity.

A Karate instructor for 28 years and a former UK squad member, Colin is little more relaxed in his spare time now choosing to walk his two dogs, Simba and Aslan.

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