Q: Tracker or fixed - which telephone package will suit my business?
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A: A mix of the two should see you spending less on your landline and call costs by the end of your contract.But how can this be achieved?

Historically, landline rental charges have been slowly rising while call costs have come down.

To illustrate this point: BT put up their landline prices for the 6th time in the last five years on August 1. In total, these price rises represent a 27.7% increase from £14.87 per line per month in May 2009 to £19.00 today.

Any business that fixed their landline rental for five years in May 2009 will have not incurred the price rises that have followed. During that time, call charges have fallen steadily – including calls to mobiles and overseas.

Therefore, if a business could compare similar usage from the start of their contract to the end, they should find they are spending less at the end.

Sure, a contract renewal will undoubtedly see the cost of landline rental go up in line with the current market rate but fixing is worthwhile to ensure ongoing savings.

Combine a fixed price line rental charge with a tracker minutes rate will give you the best of both worlds and the peace of mind that you will never need to pay more than you need to. 

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Caroline Moore on 29/08/2014

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