Questions to ask your staff before rolling out a Microsoft Team Phone System solution
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Questions to ask your staff before rolling out a Microsoft Team Phone System solution

Before you order the Phone System app within Microsoft Teams, you need to ascertain how it should be set up. For example, how many handsets will you need...if any at all?

IT managers need to ask staff these types of questions before replacing their existing phone system with Teams. Staff need to think about what they have been habitually using to handle calls and what they would prefer to use going forwards. While most of us accepted a desk handset as something that was part and parcel of our office set-up, many have switched to using mobile devices while working from home. As long as staff are linked to the corporate phone system app, there is no reason why this cannot be a long-term option.

In a recent survey I carried out on LinkedIn, I asked the question: “If you had to choose just one business tool as your preferred method of communication, what would that be?”

Desk phones only represented 11% of the votes, while conferencing, such as Teams, came in at 45%, mobiles with 32% and instant messaging with 12%.

Although in the minority, some staff members do prefer handsets and administrators or receptionists may even need sidecars to juggle multiple incoming calls and to view their colleagues’ availability. Don’t worry; these users can be accommodated by Teams using Microsoft-approved Yealink handsets.

To help you tackle different user preferences, I thought it would be helpful to give you some questions to ask your staff.


  1. Do you use a desk handset when you are at work?
  2. Do you use a desk handset when or if you work from home?
  3. Do you use a desk handset if you work away from the office and/or home?
  4. Is your current desk handset linked to your mobile device?
  5. Would you rather use one device for all call handling?
  6. If yes to question 4, would you rather use
    1. your mobile handset
    2. a headset or head-phones plugged into a PC or laptop?
  7. Or would you like to use a blend of both your mobile handset and a headset or head-phones plugged into a PC or laptop?
  8. If no to question 4, would you rather use:
    1. a desk handset at work and a mobile handset at home
    2. a desk handset at work and a headset or head-phones plugged into a PC or laptop
    3. a combination of all three.
  9. If you wish to use your PC or laptop, would you prefer to use a headset or head-phones?
  10. If you wish to use a handset, do you want the ability to make video calls from it?

Irrespective of device, they will still benefit from full system functionality no matter how they choose to handle their calls, such as voicemail, call transfers, hunt groups, automated attendant, etc., so they are not missing out on anything they are used to. In fact, they stand to gain more with the push-to-talk, voicemail transcript and push calls to voicemail features, along with integration with the rest of Teams’ unified communications features.

If you are not at this stage but want to investigate the Team Phone System app a bit further, then there are plenty of blogs and videos on this website (see an example below) that give you more details or please contact me for a free demo.

Integrating Microsoft Teams as a telephone system into your business

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