Reasons to change your IT support provider
Posted by Tony Robinson on 10/09 at 10:00 AM IT services,
Reasons to change your IT support provider blog

One of the hardest supplier decisions a business will ever have to make is if they should change their IT support company. After all, they often hold the keys to your business and can make it tricky to move on, even when you really should.

In this blog, I go through just a few of the reasons why you should look at changing your support company.

Recurring issues - not resolved ones!
One of the statements I’ve heard so often is: “We like our IT support company; they are always popping in.” If your support company is constantly ‘popping in’ then you must be constantly experiencing issues. Rather than benefiting from an actual fix, you are just having workarounds put in place. Recurring issues should be dealt with in the background without the client even being aware.

Thinking of the future
A good managed services company shouldn’t just apply fixes; they should be helping their clients to plan for the future. Business continuity, security and updates are all things should be discussed on a regular basis and not just when a business asks their support partner about them. Regular reviews should be a necessity not a special event.

Constant selling
When the answer to your problems is always to buy a new solution, that’s not the right IT company for you. A good IT company will help you to find the right solution, not just the most profitable one. There are times when money does need to be spent on IT, but it should always be at the correct level for the solution and the client.

Break-fix is broken
If your IT company only ever firefights your problems rather than being pro-active and utilising modern remote management techniques, then you will never be able to stabilise and progress your infrastructure. IT should be seen as a way to increase productivity in a company not hinder it. This is only achievable with good planning and thorough knowledge of what is happening on your network and when.

IT support used to be just for fixing things when they break, but I think this is a very outdated outlook on what the modern workplace requires. If that is the type of contract you currently have, then you should look for a new partner.

Knowing me, knowing you
One of the most important factors is a good working relationship between a business and their IT support company in ensuring that they know your business. A good understanding of your industry and the way you work is the only way that an IT support company can truly provide you with the service you need.

At swcomms, we have highly skilled and qualified engineers with excellent knowledge of all the systems that you might need. We also run an ITIL-certified helpdesk, so you can be assured that we follow jobs through to completion not just to put workarounds in place.

We have many years of experience across a vast array of industries. This means that we can understand the pressures and technologies that you face. Constant internal training ensures that everyone that you might need to speak to will have both the knowledge and experience needed to deal with your query.

If you are not getting all of the above then you are missing out on having an IT support company that can not only fix when things when they go wrong, but also advise, protect and secure your IT environment and business today and into the future.

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Tony Robinson on 10/09/2021

Tony joined swcomms in the presales department at the beginning of 2021 with a specialism in cloud technologies, including Microsoft and security.

Tony has been working in the IT industry for more than 25 years in roles ranging from support engineering to being a director of a managed services company. Customer-focused, Tony is keen to ensure that clients get the best solutions and to advise them on new cloud technologies as they are introduced.

Away from the office, Tony enjoys watching any sport that he can get away with when he’s not busy supporting local charities in various ways.

Contact: tony.robinson@swcomms.co.uk

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