Replication – why businesses need it and how virtualisation can help
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In the simplest form, replication is the copying of data from one location to another for a business purpose.

Replication in the IT world refers to the process when a business replicates data and/or virtual machines from their primary site to an offsite disaster recovery (DR) site, normally located in a geographically dispersed data centre a distance away from the primary site.

The reason for this is that in the event of a disaster affecting the primary site, a business would have the facility to failover to the DR site and continue operation until their business continuity plan is implemented to return operation back to a primary site.

If you have virtualisation at your primary site or you are looking to implement it, not only are you benefiting from the many features and cost benefits like reduced power, cooling and rack space expenditure, it also opens up the ability to use replication in many unique ways. 

Using built-in mechanisms within virtualisation, platforms like VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V have enabled swcomms to design and implement a backup and replication platform from Veeam to provide a unique DR offering. This allows businesses, which currently only have an onsite server infrastructure, to have a full backup of their local virtual and physical servers. 

Their data and/or virtual machines can be restored quickly and efficiently in the event of failure or a small outage locally. We would then recommend hosting a dedicated Veeam server in a highly resilient and secure data centre like ours to replicate business critical applications offsite. This provides businesses with their own disaster recovery and business continuity platform.

If you currently have Veeam within your environment and are looking to expand, you’re in a perfect position to benefit from this solution.

If you would like to discuss the benefits of virtualisation, DR, business continuity or Veeam in more detail, please contact me on 01392 369369 or email me.

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Gary Hocking on 16/02/2016

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