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Should I let my employees use their own mobile devices?
Posted by Caroline Moore on 05/09 at 08:15 AM Large enterprises, SMEs, Mobiles,
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Traditionally, business mobile users also had a personal mobile. Many then ditched their personal mobile and worked out a deal to use their business mobile for personal use too. Latterly, the allure of smartphones has seen employees want to choose their own devices to serve their needs at home and at work. Is this ok?

It would be an interesting exercise to assess how many work mobiles are languishing in the back of desk drawers once the SIM has been whipped out and popped into a device of choice.

Your employees may not think twice about this but your finance director may not agree as this means you are wasting needless money on paying for devices you are not using.

As the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) revolution gathers pace, businesses should embrace this trend as a cost-cutting exercise.

Most mobile packages have the cost of devices built in so if you can use a SIM-only tariff or bundle, the cost savings could be significant company-wide.

And by eliminating the hardware, you can also gain the cost benefits of longer term contracts. Whereas previously contracts were dictated by the anticipated life expectancy of the device and subsequent upgrade, SIM-only contracts negate this. You can comfortably sign up for a two, three or even a five-year deal and reap ongoing reduced costs.

So should you let your employees use their own mobile devices? What are you waiting for?

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Caroline Moore on 05/09/2014

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