SIP trunking: what are the top three benefits?
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SIP trunking is a cost-effective way of making calls over the Internet using leased lines and an IP-based telephone system to make business calls. Our latest blog and infographic details the three main benefits of SIP trunks to make it easier for businesses to make a decision on whether they need them or not.

1.    First up, and most importantly for many businesses, reduced costs:

SIP trunking negates the needs to have both ISDN lines for telephony purposes and leased lines for data sharing and access to the Internet. SIP calls are run over leased lines too therefore removing the need for telephone lines.

SIP trunking infographic

2. Telephone number flexibility

SIP services can be supplied far quicker than ISDN lines and numbers can be easily ported to retain continuity, therefore negating the need to pay for call redirection charges when relocating as you can take your number with you, therefore creating a number for life.

SIP numbers are attached to IP addresses rather than telephone exchanges and are truly flexible in that an office can be relocated to the other side of the world and there would be no outward change to the customer dialling the number.

There is no longer a need to pay for a non-geographical number, such as 0845 or 0870, to disguise where you are based. Businesses can choose different geographic area code number ranges to create the image of a local presence or a national footprint.

3.    Disaster recovery

In the event of a disaster, such as flooding or fire, a call redirection service can be easily rerouted to a pre-registered telephone number.

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