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SMBs: Operate like a large enterprise with Office 365

Posted by Yvonne Dennis on 20/04 at 02:09 PM Microsoft 365,
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Microsoft know their stuff when it comes to cloud applications. The popularity of Office 365 bears testament to that fact. But even Microsoft likes to check. Their recent survey of 250 IT professionals confirmed what they already knew and proved a valuable insight into the rapidly changing landscape of the adoption of cloud services.

Interestingly, this research* revealed that the SMB market will be huge area for growth. Currently, around 37% of SMBs are using cloud-based apps. Experts anticipate this to reach 78% by 2020.

But why?

Apply the “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog,” theory here.

SMBs may not be able to enjoy the economies of scale that large enterprises can benefit from when purchasing some of their business services, but these do not apply for cloud-based apps that are often per user subscription-based solutions.

SMB IT professionals are using cloud apps like Office 365 to manage small teams, stretch tight budgets and to make the most of their existing infrastructure to provide affordable, always-on mobile services. These small dogs are equipping themselves with plenty of fight!

So as cloud-based apps are becoming more suitable for SMB use, IT professionals are finding new ways to reduce costs and boost productivity through more effective communication, collaboration and customer service.

Microsoft’s survey found that the majority of SMBs have adopted some form of cloud solution or hosted service. It also revealed SMBs are increasingly using and supporting smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices, often on a BYOD basis.

The main aim for these IT professionals is to provide staff with the tools and services they need, while also keeping costs down.

Cloud-based software delivery is becoming the standard for reaching both goals.

As a result of using a cloud approach, nearly 80% of the survey respondents said they were saving money, seeing more productivity and better security.

If you would like to learn how Office 365 could help drive down costs for your SMB, please call 0808 1642 365 or email us here.

*Source: The Small Business Cloud Outlook – Microsoft/Spiceworks - 2015

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Yvonne Dennis on 20/04/2016

Yvonne is a senior business development consultant with 19 years' of experience in the business communications industry.

She develops long-term relationships with potential customers. Some of these relationships have been nurtured over a number of years and she prides herself on holding timely and professional conversations with her contacts based on accurate knowledge of their business needs.

Yvonne deals with larger prospective clients, including many from the public sector, such as schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, and local government bodies. As a result, she is part of the tender response team.

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