So, my telephone is obsolete. It still works doesn’t it?
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The lights of your telephone system server in your comms room still blink and the handset on your desk still operates as usual. But your supplier has sent you a letter or email telling you that your telephone system has entered its end of life period or is now obsolete. So what?

There are plenty of businesses happily using obsolete telephone systems.

That happiness is dramatically shattered when their telephone systems fail.

In a panic, you call your supplier to find that there are no parts to fix the problem. The manufacturer no longer responds to requests for help on these system failures or the manufacturer has gone into administration. And the best you can hope for is that someone can patch it up somehow.

Often the only answer is to invest in a new telephone system. This is a decision that is thrust upon you, rather than being a planned for purchase.

And while you are waiting for a best endeavours fix or a new system to be installed, your customers cannot make contact with you via the phone. The cost of the lost business alone should be a red flag warning in the argument against holding onto an obsolete telephone system.

It is a high risk for businesses to take with one of their main communications tools.

And yet there are plenty of obsolete phone systems still being used, including LG Goldstar, Nortel BCM, Norstar, BT Revelation, BT Inspiration, BT Versatility, Panasonic KX-T, KX-TD and KX-TDA, Siemens HiPath DX and DXR and Samsung iDCS.

Check your handset for its manufacturer name and model to make sure you do not get caught out.

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Caroline Moore on 22/04/2014

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This industry is far cry from her previous working life when she worked as communications manager for Exeter Chiefs and Northampton Saints.

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