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Spending too much time on IT support and not enough on business strategy?

Posted by Sonny Rowles on 14/06 at 10:00 AM IT support, Cyber security,
Spending too much time on IT support and not enough on business strategy?

Without a dedicated IT support provider, SMEs can fall into the trap of spending their time solving internal IT issues themselves. With more than 1.6 million small UK businesses* successfully attacked by cyber criminals each year, this also draws business owners away from prioritising the growth of their organisation. Using an IT support company can increase your network stability to maintain constant accessibility for users and removing the burden for your employees.

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Why are IT support providers popular with UK SMEs?

It’s hard to ignore the rise of cyber-crime in the last decade with 65% of medium size businesses experiencing a security breach in 2021 alone**. Protection against these threats is critical for the following reasons:

  • An immediate data security risk means hackers could have access to sensitive data that would have negative financial consequences for your business
  • Many hackers are utilising ransomware software to hijack files and hold them at ransom, which could be costly
  • The diversion from achieving key strategic goals to protecting and maintaining your IT system could also be costly to the business.

Consequences of prioritising IT support over strategy

Spending too much time on your IT support could have implications for the long-term goals of your company and could reduce your competitive advantage. Small enterprises do not have enough employees to delegate IT support tasks to. When they do, it hinders their input to the business strategy, such as improving customer service; 77% of customers*** believe good customer service is critical to creating brand loyalty.

Comprehensive IT support requires strong expertise to be executed effectively. If an employee undertakes this task without the necessary experience, various issues could occur:

  • Extended service unavailability - Things don’t always go to plan and technology can fail from time-to-time. Leaving an employee to fix these issues is not an efficient use of time and customer service levels will be compromised resultingly.
  • Greater risks to security - Lack of IT support may result in the use of outdated technology and systems that are vulnerable to cyber-attacks.
  • Short-term financial risks - Without a dedicated IT support desk, you might not realise that you’re paying for scarcely used systems and services.

Neglecting development of the business strategy by assigning a significant amount of time on IT support will also hinder personal development of employees. They will have less time to learn new industry-specific skills that will increase the likelihood of future business success.

Increased requirements for effective IT systems

The working environment has developed remarkably since the beginning of the pandemic. More than 85% of employees**** now want to adopt a hybrid model where they incorporate both home and office work which has had a profound effect on current IT systems. For example, many businesses have adopted cloud-based phone systems and unified communications services, such as Microsoft Teams, with remote access to office-based servers so employees can work seamlessly from home.

Using new solutions can create IT issues therefore the time spent on support would likely increase, steering employees away from achieving their strategic business objectives.

No IT support? What about data loss?

Cyber security companies are seeing an increase in data loss as a result of more businesses using cloud storage; 37% of SMEs***** have lost data in the cloud. Employees with little to no IT support experience may not implement a data backup strategy which would be detrimental to the business, resulting in:

  • Productivity disruption
  • Reputation damage
  • Exposure of sensitive information
  • Long-term business failure

Removing the burden of IT support

Relying on your staff or a one-man band support structure can negatively affect a business in multiple ways as discussed above. Outsourcing your tech support to a specialist IT support provider will release the burden that is holding back your business, allowing you to focus on strategic objectives and the input of fresh ideas rather than attempting to solve IT problems in the dark.

Our IT solutions

IT infrastructure and support are critical to ensuring your business runs smoothly and securely, and it is important to ensure adequate measures are in place where employees have chosen to work from home permanently or have adopted a hybrid approach.

We can assess your current IT support and security measures by generating a traffic light report that highlights any major issues that require immediate attention, as well as less important projects that can be addressed later. Nearly all the support tickets for swcomms are responded to within 10 minutes, thus minimising the issues that affect organisations.

Our IT solution includes:

  • Helpdesk online and phone
  • Onsite and remote support
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Automation and scripting
  • Service level agreements
  • Vendor support
  • Security and patch management
  • Dedicated IT and security account manager

If you would like to spend less time on worrying about your IT and more on growing your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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