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Cyber-attacks are on the increase. Last year, proved to be a difficult year for many businesses including Tesco, Ashley Madison, TalkTalk and other large businesses. Small and medium businesses aren’t escaping the brunt of the attacks either with a reported seven million types of cyber-attacks occurring across the UK in 2016, costing an estimated £5.2 billion. 

The most common types of cyber-crime affecting small businesses are phishing emails, malware attacks and ransomware, which analysts estimate costs on average £3,000 per business. 

But what motivates a hacker to commit cyber-crime and cause so much damage:

  • Cash
    A primary motivation for hackers is the money they can obtain by stealing your passwords, bank details, holding your customer information for ransom or selling your data to competitors or on the dark web.
  • Challenge
    A large portion of hackers are driven by the opportunity to break the unbreakable system and gaining the recognition from their peers. This competitive behaviour drives groups of hackers to challenge each other to cause disruption at the expense of another business.
  • Hacktivism
    Infamous hacker groups use their skills to target large organisations and embarrass their IT teams, break their sophisticated security systems and humiliate the upper management.
  • Revenge
    Certain types of hackers are motivated by anger and use their skills to directly affect a person, group or company without any fear of repercussion. 
  • Subversion
    Hackers have been accused of meddling in current and corporate affairs - a modern-day version of espionage.  
  • Infamy
    Hackers are motivated by a sense of achievement, working independently or in groups they want to be recognised. Social media has given them a platform to boast about their exploits on a global scale. 

While the motivations of a hacker can be split into these six types, what is common for all is the lack of regard they have for the victim who bears the costs involved in resolving the attack. Ensuring your business has highest level of IT security in place to protect your data is essential for modern businesses of every size.

With our data centre located in Exeter, swcomms provides businesses with a secure, monitored, and resiliently connected solution to storing your data and protecting it from hackers. As part of our service, we can also provide web and email filtering to limit the amount of malicious and intrusive content that could potentially affect your business. 

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Ash Khagram on 03/02/2017

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