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Three signs your school might need an on-premise telephone system
Posted by Russell Smith on 09/09 at 10:00 AM Education, Telephone systems,
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Looking to improve communications at your school? If you’re thinking of an on-premise telephone system but still aren’t quite sure, look at three signs that this type of solution could be perfect for you.

You’ve got an old system that’s no longer maintained
If you’ve got an older or obsolete system, the likelihood is that it isn’t maintained. Therefore, if something happens to the system or it goes down – you’re left without you main communications tool.

At swcomms, we offer on-premise systems with maintenance provided by DBS-checked engineers that ensures you have the support you need should something happen.

You want to take ownership of your communications
With an on-premise solution, you’ll own all the hardware and the total cost of ownership will be reduced, giving you a sustainable product with an extensive shelf life.

As well as being wholly owned by your school, your telephone system will be designed especially for your needs and can be adapted to your changing requirements. Managed in-house, you have complete control of your system and are able to make moves, adds and changes without the expense of calling in a third-party engineer.

You’re in an area of poor connectivity
If your school is located in an area of poor Internet connectivity, cloud-hosted telephone system may not be right for you.

Instead of relying on what might be a poor connection affecting the way you work, an on-premise system will be a robust and feature-rich alternative.

All on-premise telephone systems from swcomms provide uncompromised functionality which improves efficiency and productivity.

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Russell Smith on 09/09/2016

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