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Three steps to effective web filtering for schools and colleges
Posted by Caroline Moore on 10/02 at 03:37 PM Education, Web filtering, Education,
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Deploying efficient web filtering in schools and colleges is a 3-step process.

1.    Choose your Internet connection wisely
For smaller, primary schools, broadband may be enough. Larger schools may require Ethernet First Mile (EFM) or even leased lines. The types of connectivity available have evolved during recent years and the choice can be bewildering. Schools should take clear advice on the options available and then choose the connectivity method that suits both their need and budget.

2.    Protect your network
Schools and colleges now have a choice of web filtering solutions at their disposal and should again take advice on which would suit their needs the most. At the very minimum, they should choose a web filtering solution that:

  • Protects pupils and staff from exposure to inappropriate content
  • Relieves pressure on bandwidth
  • Protects networks from malicious intrusions and, ultimately, downtime

3.    Give IT and network staff complete control
Modern web filtering solutions empower IT and network managers by giving them control of ‘who, what, when and where’ policies. These are set via a user-friendly GUI. Detailed reports can also be created using this facility. To ensure a web filtering solution is run efficiently, IT and network staff will require detailed training is required. 

For advice on any of these steps, please do not hesitate to contact swcomms via email or by calling 0800 054 6789.

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Caroline Moore on 10/02/2014

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