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Top six benefits of using a UK data centre
Posted by Ash Khagram on 25/11 at 10:00 AM Data centre, Disaster recovery,
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With Microsoft announcing a UK-based cloud service using British data centres, attention will hopefully begin to focus on home-grown services.  

With two data centres at our disposal, we are bound to embrace this shift of focus, but we also recognise that IT departments are investigating the concept of hybrid infrastructures with half of their data stored in cloud-based facilities and the other half close to hand on site.

So what are the real benefits to choosing a UK data centre rather than hosting your data and applications on servers located on your business premises?

This is where UK data centres – as opposed to public cloud services that uses multiple data centres across the world – come into their own.


1. Stringent security – data centres are primed to protect their clients’ servers from physical disturbance with tiered access, CCTV and alarms giving any business enterprise grade security

2. Perfect environment – to maintain the health of your servers thus saving you the expense of air conditioning and fire prevention contingencies.

3. Clean power – with a back-up power supplies in place, data centres can ensure any outages won’t affect your business

4. Always-on – with multiple connectivity links ensuring you always have access to your data and applications 

5. Easily accessible – UK data centres not only means your data is in your country but is physically accessible if you wish to maintain your servers

6. Meet data compliance regulations under the EU General Data Protection Regulation legislation due to come into force in 2018

Many of our customers have chosen to migrate their servers to our care to eliminate the expense and time required to look after their critical IT infrastructure properly. In essence, they are moving their comms room off-site and by doing so will also be able to benefit from the disaster recovery options this offers.

Data centres like ours offer a cloud service but one that you can physically see and visit with staff you can rely on to assist you with your server needs. UK business working with UK data centres is a true win-win scenario.

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Ash Khagram on 25/11/2016

Ash joined us as the digital marketing manager in 2016 with 20 years of marketing expertise from the software and engineering industry.

As a true geek, Ash keeps up to date with current technology trends and innovations in marketing. He spent the last eight years working with leading software companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Adobe etc to create B2B and B2C marketing campaigns.

Ash moved from London in 2007 with his family to enjoy the idilyic surroundings of Dartmoor and the coastlines Devon has to offer.