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Top tips when using Microsoft Teams

Posted by Chris Wheeler on 01/11 at 10:00 AM Cloud-hosted telephone systems, Microsoft Teams,
Top tips when using Microsoft Teams

The new Office 365 tool Microsoft Teams has arrived and here, at swcomms, we are enjoying the benefits and have found some features that have helped us in our working day.

Here are our top tips for improving productivity using Microsoft Teams:


Bookmark messages and content
We all share information with our colleagues. Within the pre-sales team we have a Teams group that we all to communicate with each other and provide support or fixes for issues. Within Teams, we use the bookmark feature to tag messages which could be useful in the future. They are indexed into the search engine to help us find them faster and are stored within a bookmarks tab too.

How can I do this? Within a chat, click the bookmark icon and it will go a solid colour. When you want to find your bookmarked chats, type /saved in the search bar to find all your saved messages.


Keep your favourites organised
You can keep your conversations with groups or individuals organised for quick access, but you can also keep them as favourites in the Teams console, so those groups are easy to access on all devices. 

How can I do this? Go to the team or channel, then click on the three dots and select Favourite.


Keep collaboration simple
You can collaborate on files and documents as if you were using OneNote. This can be very useful when working on specific project notes, meeting minutes, tender documents, etc. You can work quickly and easily when you need additional input from other team members.

How can I do this? On the menu above channels, select Files, then New to create a new file or Upload to use an existing file.


Keep Teams close even when you’re on the move
Microsoft has made Teams available for iOS and Android devices to enable groups to keep in touch anywhere at any time. Teams allows you to use your mobile device to host presentations and share video off site to your colleagues too.


One of our engineers was off site using Teams on his smartphone to host a video chat with our pre-sales team to show them the current state of the job he was working on. This allowed us to provide a solution there and then, so he could resolve the customer’s issue, thus saving time as the engineer did not have to go back and forth to the customer site.

How can I do this? Download the app to your device and login using the main screen to enjoy the benefits of Microsoft Teams.


Keep commands simple with a /
Remembering key commands for copy and paste are standard for many people. Teams now allows you to quickly access those commands within the search bar. Setting your status to “away” or see what “files” you have received can be quickly found through the search bar using a backslash / and selecting the command from the list. This simple and quick method allows you more flexibility and functionality.

How can I do this? Type in / in the search bar and all of the shortcuts and commands will be available to you.


Since Microsoft made the switch from Skype for Business to Teams, businesses are enjoying the benefits of the new collaboration tool within Office 365 and its ease of integration. With more features coming, could it be time for you to move to Office 365 and take advantage of Microsoft Teams?


Contact me and find out more about Microsoft Teams. I can take you through a demonstration of the software and show you these top tips and more.

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Chris Wheeler's avatar
Chris Wheeler on 01/11/2019

A man with a passion for all things Microsoft, Chris has joined our team to provide exceptional levels of service in the cloud space and licensing projects.

Primarily Office 365 focussed, Chris comes with a wealth of knowledge and has worked with a number of large businesses on their cloud journey and software asset management lifecycle. If anyone needs advice or awareness about anything Microsoft related, Chris is the guy to speak to.

Chris is currently focussing on completing his BSc in computing & IT part time, and along with playing football at the weekend and learning Polish he says “It’s so good to get back to work on a Monday!”

Contact: chris.wheeler@swcomms.co.uk

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