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Unified communications: giving you and your customers choice
Posted by Caroline Moore on 07/11 at 10:50 AM Large enterprises, SMEs, Unified communications, Unified communications,
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Unified communications (commonly abbreviated to UC) is a technology that many companies are backing at the moment in an aim to improve their customer service experience.

In a recent survey published by Frost and Sullivan, the results revealed that more than 60% of respondents had already deployed some form of UC and that 41% of these customers were already seeing more collaboration and 36% had seen increased productivity.

Allowing your consumers a greater choice in how they contact your business means managing a multitude of platforms.

Businesses are used to being reached in the more traditional ways: phone, fax and email, but now there are more choices than ever, such as live-chat or video conferencing, as well as particular employees having their own individual methods of contact.

This can be very difficult to keep on top of and the chances of losing a customer's correspondence (and therefore their faith in your brand) become a lot higher than it used to be.

UC seeks to solve these issues by focusing the output of all the available communications options through your preferred devices and interfaces. The same would then be true of your response through the UC system; you could reply to a voicemail via email, and it would make sure that your response gets through to your client in the best way possible.

For the modern business, the larger your team, the more scattered your workforce is likely to be.

Having UC in place would reduce the reliance on figuring out when people are in certain locations and what time-zone they are in and brings with it a whole host of benefits.

For smaller businesses, UC seeks to help cement the bonds between team-members, delivering a solution for the customer that appears both professional and forward thinking.

We have experience in the development of UC strategies for many organisations across diverse sectors that involves the understanding your business needs and concerns before implementation through to the deployment and ongoing support.

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Caroline Moore on 07/11/2013

Former newspaper journalist, Caroline joined the company in 2008 with no previous knowledge of the industry.

She set about stripping back all the jargon to produce plain English marketing collateral to support the sales teams. Now slightly more well-versed in the dark arts of voice, connectivity and data services, Caroline writes blogs, case studies, data sheets and social media updates to engage with potential and existing customers.

This industry is far cry from her previous working life when she worked as communications manager for Exeter Chiefs and Northampton Saints.