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Using separate physical machines to run multiple operating systems and applications is a thing of past. Virtualisation enables businesses to reduce the amount of servers they use without losing functionality.

In simple terms, virtualisation is a cost-saving service that allows businesses to run multiple operating systems, incorporating applications such as websites and databases, on a single piece of hardware or high availability cluster.

Single servers tend to only be operating at just 10% of their capacity at any one time with surges on processing occurring at different times of the month, such as when the accounts department needs to run its payroll or billing programmes. Therefore, the remaining dormant 90% is literally a waste of space...and money.

A virtualised server environment reduces the amount of electrical power, data centre rackspace and cooling required while eliminating under-utilised processing resources thereby reducing costs and meeting your green aims in the process.

Virtualisation enables new servers and applications to be implemented quickly and efficiently, within minutes if required, rather than having to wait days for the delivery of hardware and software.

A virtualised environment also offers a high level of resilience protecting your business from any server and operating system outages to ensure downtime is limited and your resources remain online and available to your staff, customers and suppliers.

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Caroline Moore on 12/01/2017

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