Use Microsoft apps to make business processes a little easier

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Use Microsoft apps to make business processes a little easier

While a phone system still plays a big part of staying in contact with prospects and customers, there are now more options available to cut down on call waiting times and to allow businesses to work more efficiently.

With the various Microsoft apps available, your business can benefit in so many ways. The following scenario gives an example of how the right Microsoft 365 applications can work for you, from arranging the first meeting right through until contracts are signed.

Jane wants to landscape her garden. She looks on a local directory website and then Facebook and found her chosen company through an advert that had been placed using Microsoft Advertising Editor. Once Jane clicks on the web address, a customer service agent pops up on the live chat offering assistance.

During the chat, Jane was able to arrange a meeting with landscaper Alex to take place at her address with the use of Microsoft Bookings. If self-isolating, this could have been a video meeting using Microsoft Teams with Jane showing Alex her garden via her mobile device in the same way that estate agents use Teams to carry out virtual viewings.

Alex drives to Jane's address tracking the mileage to and from the office with the use of MileIQ, so he can make a claim for reimbursement at the end of the month.

After the meeting, Jane receives an email from Alex sharing a proposal and quotation via Outlook.

Jane spends some time looking over the proposal and gives Alex the go ahead for the project to take place by requesting a contract to sign. This is all signed off with the use of an application designed in Microsoft PowerApps.

Once the project has been completed and Jane is a happy new customer, Alex adds her onto their business mailing list to stay in touch and offers a discount for a refer a friend scheme. This is all done with the help of Microsoft Dynamics.

In the background, Office 365 portal has brought everything together. This provides easy access to most of the business apps and a single dashboard for critical business metrics, such as unfinished email campaigns and overdue payments.

These are just some of the apps that can be used to enhance everyday business processes. Microsoft is updating and adding to their suite of apps. It’s not just about using Word and Excel! What about using Whiteboard for sharing ideas in whiteboard device-based setting, Editor for checking grammar and spelling, Project to plan projects, Visio for creating diagrams, To Do for those all-important reminders, Yammer for contact between colleagues and Sway for great presentations!

There is even a Phone System app to effectively integrate all your business communications tools.

Most of us use Microsoft tools every day but are there any you are missing out on? Our experts can explain the licences and apps available and how they could enhance your business. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to find out more.

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Liz Womack on 30/11/2021

Liz Womack is a business development executive who was specialist in the leisure and hospitality industry for over 12 years before joining our team in September 2020.

Liz has exceptional communicational skills and the ability to build and develop good working relationships with our potential customers to ensure they are getting the best out of their communication systems. Liz understands the importance of businesses staying in contact, whether that is working in an office environment or remotely.

She enjoys spending quality time with her daughter, exploring the local surroundings of Devon, baking delicious treats and is a huge fan of anything Disney related.

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