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Use web and email filtering to remain cyber streetwise
Posted by Caroline Moore on 13/01 at 01:40 PM SMEs, Web filtering, Cloud services,
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Web and email filtering are two of the most useful weapons in the fight against cyber crime.

The Government has launched a new scheme, funded by the National Cyber Security Programme, called Cyber Streetwise in a bid to encourage SMEs to avoid the risk of cyber-attacks by changing the way they view online safety.

UK Security Minister James Brokenshire said the aim was to offer help and advice to assist in the fight against online criminals.

"The Internet has radically changed the way we work and socialise. It has created a wealth of opportunities, but with these opportunities there are also threats," he said.

"However, by taking a few simple steps while online, the public can keep cyber criminals out and their information safe."

South West Communications Group has already been actively contacting its customers advising them to use web and email security products to protect themselves from the potentially devastating effects of viruses and spam.

Colin Woods, sales manager at South West Communications Group, said: “With today’s web consisting of more than a trillion pages (and counting), intelligent content analysis is the only reliable way to protect your people and your business network.

“Latest industry reports state that 72% of all emails traversing the Internet can be categorised as spam, with nearly 4% of these messages containing some form of malicious attachment.”

Businesses should consider cloud, hosted or on-site appliances to dynamically analyse content and to accurately block anything undesirable. These appliances should also offer advanced reporting and real-time monitoring of all web activity and traffic.

Anti-virus, anti-spam, and image & content control should be considered to protect businesses’ bandwidth and network from unwanted mail. The effect of keeping unwanted traffic from your Internet connections can be dramatic with one customer recently reporting a drop of 83% in traffic.

For more advice on staying safe from cyber-attacks, please see our web page on Internet access and security or for more this story, please see Reevel Alderson’s report on the BBC website

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Caroline Moore on 13/01/2014

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