Useful guide to working through a third lockdown
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click here to download our useful guide to working through a third lockdown - swcomms

As of January 5, 2021, the UK is entered its third nationwide lockdown due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. People are being told to “Stay at home”, which means working from home.


Before the second lockdown in November 2020, the Office for National Statistics reported that the number of people working exclusively from home had risen from 21% to 24%.  However, according to software giant Citrix, the percentage of permanent remote workers is expected to double in 2021.


Many employers and employees have seen the long-term benefits of homeworking and are reluctant to rush back to the office.


Why pay out for floor space and utilities, and waste time and money on commuting, when home working can form a part of someone's productive time?


Why limit your talent pool to local areas when people can now work from anywhere and still make a positive contribution?


‘Going to work’ means something very different than what it used to. The days of busy offices appear to be behind us.


Even before this latest lockdown, there was evidence of an appetite for remote working.


We conducted a social media survey that revealed many people were considering a hybrid working model as the ‘new normal’.


As one respondent said: “A mix of both WFH plus office feels like a healthy way to work,” and another said: “I think a hybrid model will be the way forward.”


People are not ready to give up on the office HQ just yet and still want to meet up with their colleagues face to face, but they are also enjoying the flexibility that allows them to work from home.


Flexibility is the key word here and technology is accommodating that need.


This guide aims to give you an overview of the communications and IT tools available to help your business adjust to the current and future way of working. 

click here to download our useful guide to working through a third lockdown - swcomms

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