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Want to end bad meetings once and for all?

Posted by Rudi Weiss on 23/04 at 10:00 AM Cloud hosted telephone systems, Gamma Horizon, Unified communications,
End bad meetings with unified communications

Want to end bad meetings once and for all? You’re not alone.


Experts say we spend way too much time in meetings - especially those where nothing gets done. While they are always well-intentioned, they can become a “bad meeting” for one of three reasons:


  • Too many and take too much time 
  • Lack focus and structure 
  • Post meeting, no follow through 


Does this sound familiar?


See our infographic to view some staggering statistics and how they could impact your company’s bottom line. You can download it here too.

Infographic on what makes a bad meeting and how unified communications can help

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Rudi Weiss on 23/04/2019

Rudi believes that great business acumen and customer focus are key factors to drive success. He is a well-organised and detailed-orientated person with the ability to understand technical aspects of a product that provides the framework for delivering a quality solution. Rudi is a skilled voice and data specialist with a technical background in voice platforms, network infrastructure and applications.

With 20 years’ experience in design, development and implementation of solutions and a broad knowledge of integration into multi-site deployments, he ensures the correct solution are scoped and deployed according to the customer requirements.

Spending quality time with his family is an after-hours favourite for this father of two, who is also keen to explore on his mountain bike.

Contact: Rudi.Weiss@swcomms.co.uk

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