Why an office relocation is the perfect time to review your IT and technology strategy
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Relocating your business is a great opportunity to review your communications and network infrastructure to ensure that your new offices are as efficient as possible. New surroundings can inspire new ideas for growth, and growth can only happen if efficient IT technology is in place.

Whether you are relocating a multi-storey office with thousands of employees or simply moving a few staff onto a new floor of an existing building, you still need to mitigate risk and maximise operational efficiency. From pre-move planning to post-move support, operational business impact needs to be kept to a minimum.

Relocate and refresh
IT and telecommunications systems are critical to the smooth running of a business, so it is a high priority to ensure a seamless IT migration when relocating your business. Many IT departments do not have the experience or resource to ensure that the requirements of relocation are met.  At swcomms, a structured approach is used for every office IT relocation, regardless of size. We have considerable experience in planning and executing the IT and telecoms requirements for an office relocation. We also offer support, advice and end-to-end management of all the technology aspects associated with relocation, as well as potentially considering new technologies, such as unified communications (UC).

Consolidate your communications
Moving office is a large undertaking for any business, so it is vital to remain connected to your customers and suppliers at all times throughout your transition. Our team of specialists will review your current needs, taking into account potential future growth and will deliver the right advice, based upon your specific requirements.

UC is an increasingly popular choice to consolidate the different types of communications over a single physical network and companies can save a lot of money from simplified network management. Additionally, as only one physical network is required, this means less time and effort for your network administrators.

Japan Airlines: relocation and IT upgrade
Japan Airlines is the largest airline operator in Japan flying to 220 destinations in 35 countries. They were relocating their London headquarters and decided to replace and update their voice and data infrastructure at the same time.  

swcomms deployed a ShoreTel UC platform for 120 users, including a robust and reliable VoIP telephony system, offering enhanced functionality and also implemented an Enterprise Contact Centre (ECC) solution for 50 agents. The functionality and diverse features of the technology upgrade, on the back of the office relocation, has dramatically enhanced service delivery and customer satisfaction.

For more information on how swcomms can help during your office relocation, or if you need assistance in migrating your technology to a new site, please call us on 0800 054 6789.

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