Why does my business need web filtering?
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Three words answer that question: liability, vulnerability and distraction.

The first two reasons are undoubtedly the scariest and should be taken seriously. But as with any consideration of this nature, businesses usually leave it until it is too late for something like web filtering to work its way up their agenda.

If your business is willing to face a court case or cope with the devastating effects of a virus or malware threat or is not worried about reduced employee productivity rates, then stop reading now. If these concerns ring alarm bells, then please heed my advice.

Inappropriate content, or ill-considered postings, can leave a business liable for the actions of its users. In short, as a company, you’re responsible for the content your employees can access. You may not wish them to look at certain sites, but if they have access to them, you really do not have a leg to stand on.

Many web-borne threats find their way into businesses based on the actions of employees who are browsing web pages that conceal viruses and malware threats. These can cause catastrophic damage to businesses and their processes.

Less frightening, until you start totting up the hours lost to your business. The scope of material available on the web is vast. Surveys suggest an unfiltered environment can create drops in productivity for up to three hours a day per employee. When you start doing the maths, the amount of hours lost can amount to losing multiple employees per day.

Managed properly, web filtering can minimise distraction, limit vulnerability to accidental malware, and provide a defence against liability. So the three words I answered the opening question with, need not negatively affect your business.

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David Brace on 21/10/2014

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