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Why is an IP audit important?
Posted by Caroline Moore on 12/08 at 10:25 AM Data networks, On-premise telephone systems, Telephone systems,
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Before installation of an IP telephone system onto a data network it is important to understand how the resulting voice (VoIP) traffic would affect it in terms of data transmission speeds and also whether it is capable of providing the necessary quality of service for the calls.

It is better to test for any potential problems beforehand rather than making assumptions and being subject to unpleasant surprises after an investment has been made.

More bandwidth is often the solution to network problems, but just adding more bandwidth does not necessarily solve VoIP problems. It is the quality of the connection and not the speed that poses many of the problems with dropped calls, poor voice quality, and so forth.

In fact, because of its sensitivity, VoIP can be the first indicator of network problems, which have previously been transparent.

swcomms' IP audit service includes pre-deployment baseline assessments to simulate voice traffic on the network which is designed to help determine whether deficiencies exist that a business needs to address before deploying VoIP.

The assessment may show that a network is ready for VoIP or that a few key components need to be changed.

A realistic test session period for an IP audit is selected to ensure that a realistic period of time is captured and includes normal and busy network usage. Test calls are made using the existing network from strategic points within the local or wide area network. This test sessions measures for delay, jitter and packet loss.

The resulting data is then analysed and a formal report submitted detailing the findings regarding the strength and resilience of the network and its suitability to take telephony traffic across it.

This report also makes recommendations as to any actions required if necessary to upgrade the network infrastructure.

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Caroline Moore on 12/08/2013

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