Why the bearer size is important when it comes to leased lines
Posted by Elaine Bellamy on 10/11 at 10:00 AM Internet connectivity,
Why is the size of an internet bearer important

When we deploy internet leased lines to our customers, we quote them the bandwidth they need on a bearer, such as 100Mb/1Gb. This means the customer will get with 100Mb of bandwidth from day one but will have the option to flex up to 1Gb, also known as 1,000Mb, if they need to.

Why is the size of the bearer important?
If you get a 100/100Mb internet leased line, you have nowhere to go. You are already using all the bandwidth available to you. This may be enough to meet your business needs right now, but what about the future?

We are using more and more cloud-based applications as part of our working day and these all require an internet connection. From a personal point of view we probably all access email, messaging, social media, video and shopping apps via our mobile devices on a daily basis. It was very different just 10 years ago.

In contrast, a business may use a cloud-hosted CRM solution, phone system, data storage, billing facilities, remote desktop services, etc. Some may only use a small number of cloud applications now but this is certain to grow. Cloud is undoubtedly the general direction for most IT and communications tools used by businesses.

It is important to consider how things may change over time. If you sign up for a 100/100Mb leased line for five years, then that is what you will have to use for that entire time - there is no option to flex up or to upgrade. But if you go for a 100Mb/1Gb leased line from the outset, there is room for incremental expansion or even seasonal peaks. This is why we try to advise our customers to invest in the largest bearer they can afford, so they have that peace of mind.

Thinking about a leased line?
More businesses are opting for leased lines to benefit from uncontended connections, service level agreements and synchronous speeds, i.e. you will get the same download and upload speeds. You can find out more in my blog 10 main differences between internet leased lines and broadband.  

Once spoken about in hushed tones as the Rolls-Royce of connectivity, the ever-decreasing pricing for leased lines means they are now more commonplace as they are more affordable.

You can start at an entry point 10Mb or go right up to an enormous 10Gb connection! At 10Mb, you will have sufficient bandwidth for internet, network and voice traffic. For instance, this means you will be able to switch from outdated telephone lines, like PSTN and ISDN, to use SIP and VoIP voice services that enjoy lower costs.

However, as the workplace becomes hungrier for more bandwidth, you will need even more so your business does not literally slow down. Depending on your needs, 50Mb and 100Mb leased lines are also available and are very popular. Suppliers often have promotions offering a higher bandwidth at a lower bandwidth price e.g. 100Mb for the price of 50Mb or 1Gb for the price of 500Mb.

As your businesses grows or uses more applications, so will your bandwidth needs. A 100Mb/1Gb connection, for instance, should support the needs of more than 100 users. Anything above 1Gb is suitable for businesses that use a lot of data and/or have more staff. Banks, businesses with global offices, hosting companies, graphic design agencies would be among these.

As you can see, there is a full choice of leased lines available, but it is always important to remember the bearer when you place your order. If you need any further advice on any of the information covered in this article, then please do not hesitate to contact me.    

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