Will rural areas get the broadband speeds promised?
Posted by Colin Woods on 02/02 at 10:00 AM Internet connectivity,
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The internet has become one of the essential utilities for homes and businesses and is a critical force in the digital transformation trend. The Government recently announced it had achieved a target of delivering 24Mbps to 95% of the country, but the last 5% equates to 1.4 million homes with lacklustre connectivity. The Government is now committed to delivering a legal set speed of 10Mbps all by 2020, but is this a reality or pipedream for rural areas?


Recently, Sir Edward Leigh, the MP for Market Rasen in Lincolnshire, spoke up in Parliament about the issue of poor connectivity affecting his constituents in rural areas...which will resonate with many other rural communities across the UK suffering a limited and sporadic service. 


Sir Edward directed his comments to the Minister of State for Digital and Culture and expressed his deep concern about the negative effects slow internet speeds are having on businesses who need to be more competitive in light of Brexit.


With the growing trend of businesses adopting cost-effective, high performing cloud applications, the requirement for guaranteed internet connectivity is essential for businesses to compete in the UK and European markets.  


As more 4G phone masts are being erected across rural parts of the country, businesses and villages are switching to alternative methods of connectivity as contingency for lacklustre broadband. While the technology can manage the data throughput, this option might not seem cost effective to small businesses and could hinder productivity. 


Some business estates, towns and villages have joined together to demand a clear projected timeline on the fibre rollout for either better broadband or an alternative solution which meets their current and future needs. A village in East Devon has gone as far as dismissing BT and using an alternative solution to deliver their connectivity requirements for residents and businesses.


If your connectivity is letting your business down, then by all means, contact your MP or provider, but remember broadband is not a service that was designed for business use. It is a residential product first and foremost. There are alternative connectivity options that will give you the speeds and reliability you need.


If you are investigating alternative internet connectivity providers, then contact swcomms for a free, no-obligation consultation on 0800 054 6789 or email us to find out the options open to you.

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Colin Woods on 02/02/2018

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