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Will the UK energy crisis drive data centre providers out of business in 2022?

Posted by Colin Woods on 19/04 at 10:00 AM IT support, Data centre services,
Will the UK energy crisis drive data centre providers out of business in 2022

The spiralling cost of energy has not only hit homes and families, it is also responsible for crippling businesses too. Nowhere is hit harder than the world of IT and few buildings pull as much power as a commercial data centre. It is here that we are starting to see providers crumble under the weight of increasing energy prices. Most recently, the UK division Sungard Availability Companies, one of the most used data centre companies in the country, and has gone into administration blaming the energy crisis.*

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What do you do if your data centre provider goes into administration?

If you are left high and dry by the closure of your data centre hosting facility or simply can no longer afford the rising cost of your cloud service provider, you need to seek an alternative, but what does that look like?

Many UK businesses and organisations will be looking at data centre providers this week. Sungard offered colocation and managed cloud services from seven data centres across the UK and Ireland. JP Morgan and the Home Office were among their customers.


Bring your cloud server and IT environment back in house

Bringing your servers and IT environment back in house can be problematic. Perhaps you no longer have central offices as a result of adopting a remote work strategy prompted by the pandemic, or you no longer employ IT staff to administer and support your environment, or you simply don’t have the appetite for a large capital project to purchase the necessary new hardware.

Will the UK energy crisis drive data centre providers out of business in 2022

Use a public cloud service provider

You may investigate a cloud server provider, also known as a cloud as a service provider, such as AWS or Azure.  Essentially these large organisations provide a variety of services as a subscription service. The acronym aaS which stands for “as a Service” characterises their offerings:

IaaS (Infrastructure) can be seen as the base layer of cloud computing letting companies purchase networking and storage on an as required basis

PaaS (Platform) is where the platform provides developers with a framework and tools to build apps and software to meet specific needs and is often used for building custom SaaS applications.

SaaS (Software) essentially provides a ready for use cloud application which is the most common form of cloud computing. SaaS is fully managed by the provider meaning the end user has no responsibility for updates etc. but also little or no control.

Seek alternative data centre providers

There will be other data centre companies out there that will be able to offer you their hosting services. These data centre services enable you to host your servers away from your own site. In the same way as businesses who use outsourced IT support services, data centre engineers look after the environment your servers are hosted in, so you do not have to and your IT teams can busy themselves with more productive and profitable tasks.

Should you consider local data centre companies?

Whatever the issue, often seeking the help of local data centre and hosting experts can be advantageous. There is a peace of mind, when the pressure is on, that comes from being able to sit down with someone who understands the issues and has experience of the solutions.

Will the UK energy crisis drive data centre providers out of business in 2022

swcomms’ data centre

As a local IT support company that also owns and operates a commercial data centre and is certified as a Microsoft cloud service provider. Our experts have a deep working knowledge of all the options available, whether it be hosting, public cloud or simply supporting the IT environment in your office.

Contact us to discuss your data centre needs

Our discussions recently have often been based around the dilemmas associated with forced change, driven by the energy crisis and spiralling costs, which are both frustrating and perplexing for our customers. This may not be affecting your business at the moment, but if it is and you wish to review your options, we will happily engage in conversation.



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