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Worried about network and cloud security?

Posted by Gary Hocking on 07/10 at 10:00 AM Cloud services, Security,
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The purpose of cloud is becoming more apparent each day with its ability to allow businesses to be more agile and flexible while providing additional resources when required and a raft of other benefits.

In the traditional sense, IT is something that has grown or has been adapted over a period of time leaving some businesses with multiple silos of data and disparate or aging systems that are spread across multiple sites.

Customers are looking to cloud services to centralise and rationalise their IT and are adopting new ways of working to reap the obvious benefits that they can bring, but why are some businesses still nervous about taking this step.

Security is the number one concern with any private, public or hybrid cloud, as you are potentially moving your multiple silos of data and centralising it within a cloud service that could in its very nature pose a potential security risk by providing a central attack surface that could be breached.

For customers looking to implement their own hybrid or private cloud services, you need a solution provider with the experience to offer end-to-end services that cover these advanced security requirements and provide guidance.

Make sure that you are just as well protected and secure as if you were using public cloud services with dedicated administration and security teams.

In addition, the Internet is hard to govern and control, so the boundary of protection starts at the edge of your business in the form of connectivity and security appliances.

Working with a company that can implement and support security appliances to secure your entire network is critical – be it in-house, cloud services or a hybrid of both. You need complete control and visibility of what comes in and out of your cloud, wide area network (WAN) or local area network (LAN) environments as all of these will have your users’ devices and data residing on them.

swcomms can advise you on your migration to public cloud services like Microsoft Office 365 or, indeed, to a private cloud environment and on the network security measures you should be taking.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further guidance.

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Gary Hocking on 07/10/2016

Gary moved from a senior technical role into presales bringing with him a wealth of knowledge of our product portfolio.

An IT engineer since 2008 and then an IT consultant, his expertise includes virtualisation, disaster recovery, business continuity, dedicated & hosted exchange, cloud and Microsoft Server technologies, anti-spam & anti-virus protection, content filtering, LAN, WAN and Wi-Fi, and Internet connectivity.

Away from IT, Gary recently took one for the team when he competed in and won an inter-departmental doubles canoeing challenge singlehandedly, despite a near-drowning experience when he was younger. #hero

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