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Your guest is your marketing voice
Posted by James Hooker on 29/11 at 10:00 AM Hospitality, Wi-Fi,
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Experience economy
Guest experience economy is catching up with traditional marketing and hospitality media, with billions of impressions shared daily over travel sites which are now the first step of any business or leisure journey. 

Personal travel experience and opinion sharing is topping the list of Internet content – after music and television - and the new digital traveller is an extremely skilled communicator/journalist/blogger, offering unique content, educated opinion and striking visuals to support their point. For free.

A new breed of travel writers
You cannot ignore this new breed of travel writers. Not when they say a high speed internet connection to access and publish multimedia mobile content is their make-or-break decision criterion, higher on their needs pyramid than a comfortable bed and breakfast. You can’t ignore their Internet-wide, industry-shaking cry of dissatisfaction when access is poor.

Digital travellers, leisure or business, all generations included, want to be connected. Airspace is becoming as important as room and personal space.

Turn it into your marketing voice
So instead of ignoring their voice, empower it and turn it into your marketing voice. A unique experience loses half the charm if it’s not shareable. Give them the necessary bandwidth that allows them to showcase your venue not just with words, but with images and video too. 

Your network is a basic amenity
It’s true for the dozen teenagers who just checked-in and are tweeting joyfully in your lobby or showing videos to their friends and parents. They are sharing the same airspace with display screens broadcasting local attractions, room TV sets, PCs and tablets, overflowing your network with holidays films, music and network games. But they don’t care about all the complexity behind it - your network should handle all of that seamlessly. 

Many hospitality businesses are concerned they cannot deliver on these expectations. We can help find a solution that will enhance your guests’ experience.

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James Hooker on 29/11/2016

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